Our Spring 2021 Friday Enrichment Day takes place in the pavilions at Chandler Park from 11:00 – 3:00, Fridays March 26th – May 28th.

Our Trailblazers (4th – 6th graders) will have a fun day full of learning on Fridays, participating in two elective periods plus our co-op wide literature period. See schedule and class descriptions below.

Parents of 4th graders and up may drop off, but we do want you to understand that you might be needed one day per semester to serve as a substitute if one of our teachers is absent. (We are often looking for people to teach classes, so please let us know if you have an interest or talent you would like to share with our students during a future semester.)


11:00 – 11:15 – Check-In (Students who would like a little more time to socialize before we get started may be dropped off as early as 10:45.)

11:15 – 11:30 – Short Assembly/Announcements

11:30 – 12:30 – First Elective Period – Trailblazers may choose Adventure Club, D&D Club, or Readers’ Theatre. See class descriptions below.

12:30 – 1:15 – Lunch and Social Time

1:15 – 2:00 -Literature – Storyworks – See class description below.

2:00 – 3:00 – Second Elective Period – Trailblazers may choose STEM Nature’s Way or Creativity Club. See class descriptions below.

Parents arrive for pick up at 3:00. Students who would like may stay afterward (under parent supervision) to socialize or play on the playground.

Friday Class Descriptions– Trailblazers

1st Period Choices:

Adventure Club – 4th – 6th Grade

Facilitator: Terrell Hoagland, Adventurer Extraordinaire and THA dad of two

Cost: Included in $110 per student Friday Enrichment Day fee

In this engaging class, students will have fun exploring their natural surroundings. Chandler Park is the perfect landscape for adventuring! Activities will include rock climbing, hiking, and more!

D&D Club – 4th Grade – High School

Facilitators: THA High School students will lead this group, under the supervision of the leadership team.

Cost: Included in $110 per student Friday Enrichment Day Fee

This club, for both new and experienced players, is for students who want to spend this class period playing D&D.

Readers’ Theatre – 4th Grade – High School

Cost: Included in $110 per student Friday Enrichment Day Fee

Instructor: Jessica Paul, certified and experienced elementary teacher, THA mom of three

Readers’ Theatre gives students a chance to collaborate with peers while improving reading fluency and providing an opportunity to become more comfortable speaking in front of a group. We will work together to bring a variety of scripts to life throughout the semester. Expect team building games, script practice and discussion, and tons of fun!

2nd Period – Literature:

Storyworks – 4th – 7th Grade

Facilitator: Anna-Maria Lane, certified and experienced elementary and middle school teacher, THA Leadership team, THA mom of three

Cost: $7 extra per student for Storyworks magazine. This will include a digital subscription to use at home and a print copy to use in class. (Print issues will be sent home with students after we are finished with them.)

In this class, we will read Scholastic’s Storyworks magazine, discuss, and complete related activities. Storyworks brings information, inspiration, and entertainment to middle grade students with engaging fiction, narrative nonfiction, poetry, informational texts, and plays geared toward the interests of students in this age group. Students may need to do 30 minutes of at home reading a week to prepare for class.

3rd Period Choices:

STEM Nature’s Way – 4th – 7th Grade

Instructor: Naturally STEM’s Kim Watson, B.S. Biology, Dual Discipline M.A. in Education and Environmental Studies (specific focus on Environmental Education)

Cost: extra $100 (includes materials and instructor fee)

Interested in Physics?  Ever wonder how a bobcat can leap in the air to pounce on its prey or how a snake slithers? Curious about chemistry? Ever wonder what kind of chemical reaction is in spider or snake venom or how skunks produce their nasty smell?  Would you like to know how humans look to nature to find solutions to everyday problems?  For example, did you know that observing cockleburs (those pesky plants that stick to you as you walk through the grass) led to the invention of Velcro?  Join Ms. Kim and Naturally STEM in exploring STEM in a very unique, engaging, hands-on, and wild fashion with STEM Nature’s Way!

Creativity Club – 4th Grade – High School

Facilitators: THA Leadership Team and Parent Volunteers

Cost: Included in $110 per student Friday Enrichment Day fee

Creativity Club is exactly that – a club where students with a shared interest in creative pursuits gather to create alongside and encourage each other. Students can work on individual projects, or they can collaborate. They can practice their favorite form of creativity or explore new ones. Parent volunteers will be invited to share their creative pursuits with the group. Creativity Club’s intent is to foster a self-paced, self-determined, and nurturing space for creativity and friendships to thrive. If students desire, they could work together on planning an end of semester art show/creativity showcase.