Our Scout class is composed of third graders who are reading and writing on level.

All students must be fully potty-trained.  This means recognizing they need to use the restroom, informing an adult, going alone to the (in the classroom) restroom, using the toilet, wiping independently, flushing, putting back on clothes, washing hands, and returning to class. If they need pull ups, need someone to wipe them, or are having frequent accidents on a daily basis, then they are not ready for this program.

Elementary Programs, PreK-5th, are drop off programs.  There is one qualified teacher and one aid per 12 students.  Parents will be asked to be a classroom aid once or twice per semester for any of the 3 classrooms (may or may not be the class your child is in.) An assigned date and classroom will be given to you with our handbook. Please be prepared to have one day of childcare set up or be off work in order to help in the classroom. Any adult you know is welcome to fill that role (mom, dad, grandparents, aunt, uncle, etc.)

Behavior expectations: All 3rd graders should be able to sit quietly and listen for around 30 minutes, play without hurting others, play without destroying property, and follow directions from an adult without arguing. Students should be reading and writing on grade level. Students are expected to use indoor voices and walking feet while indoors.  Students are expected to wear shoes and clothes the entire time they are at co-op. Students are expected to sit at a table in a chair for the entire lunch/snack without wandering about the room.

THA is a peanut free environment.  Lunches and snacks need to be ready to eat (not heated up.) 

The supply fee is wrapped into the total fee, so there is no extra supply fee. There is also a supply list of basic school supplies to bring every week to class in a zipper bag/school box.  These are very basic (pencil, crayons, scissors, etc.) and can be pre-loved supplies you already own. We also have them bring their own can of playdough to avoid sharing playdough and germs. 

Ms. Kristin

Scout classes are taught by Ms. Kristin.  This will be Ms. Kristin’s 19th year as an OK certified teacher, teaching in some capacity as either a public school teacher, online teacher, daycare owner, or THA teacher.  She has some really fun projects planned for the upper elementary class and is excited about another great year here at THA!  She has three children of her own here at THA.  She also teaches online classes for THA that can be taken in conjunction with or independently of the in-person classes. 

Mondays – 11:30 – 3:30

Mondays will focus on literature, writing, handwriting, and art.  Students will complete projects and novel studies on the books listed below. They will read the book at home, and complete the projects in class. Monday students will have some homework over the week.  Homework will be to read the books and possibly finish some writing assignments; it shouldn’t be extensive or time consuming.  Our last few weeks will be a poetry unit. Explorers will also work through the Handwriting Without Tears Printing Power book (even if you’ve already done it before.) It will need to be purchased and brought to class the first day with nothing completed in it yet. Link to purchase: https://shopping.lwtears.com/LWTstore/s/product/printing-power-2022-student-edition/01t4V000006fS0mQAE

Students will need to read the following books. A third grade level list has been provided as the main choice for this class. However, if your child is a strong reader who is reading above grade level, or if they have already read one of the books on the 3rd grade list and want a new book, they may choose from the 4th grade list. If your child is a struggling reader, has a diagnosed reading difference, or needs shorter books, you may choose from the 2nd grade books.

Some of the books are sad.  Some are funny.  Some require high level thinking and bring up lots of questions about the world.  Please review the books via google before enrolling and make sure you aren’t going to have an issue with them as a parent before you enroll.  By enrolling, you are agreeing you won’t have complaints about the books’ content.  If you have some sort of problem with a book, then you also have the choice to choose one of the other grade level books for that 3 week period (but your child may need some help reading it if it’s above their reading level.) We will read the books in the order listed above: 3 weeks per each book. They will need to come to the first week of class having read the first third of the first book.

Pre-requisite: Must be reading at or above a 3rd grade reading level (Grade 3, Month 1 or about a 500 Lexile Score.)  Email us if you have questions about specific disabilities/accommodations. 

“I don’t know my child’s reading level.”  No problem!  Let’s give them a little assessment: listed below. Fluent reading means not having to sound out more than about 5 words per page, stopping at end-marks and commas appropriately, and reading with some expression. They may still miss a few words entirely and need you to tell them the words, but not more than about 5. 

Can they read this fluently without missing more than a handful of words?  Then they are reading on a 500 lexile level, or Grade 3 Month 1.  This one is a book you can flip through.  


Fridays – 9:30 – 3:30

Scout Fridays will focus on SEL, Science, Art, Geography, and socializing. This semester Friday Scouts will be completing a semester long state research project on a state of their choice and salt dough map. For science, we will be learning about different biomes. Art will feature a fun project each week with various art supplies, some which may be novel to your child, such as watercolor pencils, and oil and chalk pastels. Some projects will include reading and writing on third grade level, so if your child is below third grade level please let Ms. Kristin know when enrolling so they can be accommodated to the best of our ability. They really need to be able to read and write independently to participate in class. The day will consist of morning meetings/SEL, a science project learning about a biome of their choice, recess, lunch, a US state project, and a fun art project.  We will also have some time for free play with friends built into the day.  We will be listening to a read aloud each day as well of “The Care and Feeding of a Pet Black Hole.” This year Scouts will have a opportunity to also have a specials class each Friday. They will join Ms. Liz for Surprise Adventures. Each week Ms. Liz will have a unique activity planned for them to engage in. They may have a science experiment, learn about music theory, play a physical education game, or learn a foreign language. It’s a surprise each week! How exciting!

Ms. Liz (Elizabeth) is a parent at THA with one child in third grade. She also has another child who attends a different program. Elizabeth is well versed in teaching small kids with a background in childcare and preschool. We welcome her to the THA elementary team this year and can’t want to see all the fun she has in store!