Our Scout class is composed of second graders who are reading and writing on level.

All students must be fully potty-trained.  This means recognizing they need to use the restroom, informing an adult, going alone to the (in the classroom) restroom, using the toilet, wiping independently, flushing, putting back on clothes, washing hands, and returning to class. If they need pull ups, need someone to wipe them, or are having frequent accidents on a daily basis, then they are not ready for this program.

Elementary Programs, PreK-5th, are drop off programs.  There is one qualified teacher and one aid per 12 students.  Parents will be asked to be a classroom aid once or twice per semester for any of the 3 classrooms (may or may not be the class your child is in.) An assigned date and classroom will be given to you with our handbook. Please be prepared to have one day of childcare set up or be off work in order to help in the classroom. Any adult you know is welcome to fill that role (mom, dad, grandparents, aunt, uncle, etc.)

Behavior expectations: All students should be able to sit quietly and listen for around 10-20 minutes, play without hurting others, play without destroying property, and follow directions from an adult without arguing. Students are expected to use indoor voices and walking feet while indoors.  Students are expected to wear shoes and clothes the entire time they are at co-op. Students are expected to sit at a table in a chair for the entire lunch/snack without wandering about the room.

THA is a peanut free environment.  Lunches and snacks need to be ready to eat (not heated up.) 

The supply fee is wrapped into the total fee, so there is no extra supply fee. There is also a supply list of basic school supplies to bring every week to class in a zipper bag/school box.  These are very basic (pencil, crayons, scissors, etc.) and can be pre-loved supplies you already own. We also have them bring their own can of playdough to avoid sharing playdough and germs. 

Ms. Jennie

Scout classes are taught by Ms. Jennie.  Ms. Jennie is a very experienced elementary teacher of 21 years. She is the grandmother to one of our THA students, and mother of two grown children. She taught special education, developmental preschool, and 2nd-5th grade over the years in the Mid-Del and Union School Districts. She was the aide in our Pathfinder group last semester, and was so awesome, we talked her into leaving retirement two days a week to teach for THA! Her favorite subjects to teach are reading and writing, and she has so many fun things planned for your kids this semester!

Mondays – 11:30 – 3:00

Scouts will have a morning meeting/SEL, writing and language arts, social students, read aloud, recess, snack, and lots of free play. 

Fridays – 9:30 – 3:30

Scout Fridays will look like morning meeting, calendar time, science, recess, SEL, cooperative class games, table top learning, sensory experiences, and lots of time to play with friends.