Our Spring 2021 Friday Enrichment Day takes place in the pavilions at Chandler Park from 11:00 – 2:45, Fridays, September 10th – November 19th. (Students in 5th grade and up may arrive as early as 10:30 to socialize.) (Our program for pre-k – 4th grade starts at 11:30 and ends at 2:30.)

Our Scholars (8th Grade and up) will have a fun day full of learning on Fridays, participating in an assembly, an elective period, lunch and social time, a literature period, and a club period. See class descriptions below.

Our Friday Enrichment Day is a drop-off program. However, parents are expected to sign up for a volunteer slot. Our Trailblazer and Scholar parents will be asked to sign up for one two-hour time slot per semester as an assistant, substitute, or guest teacher. If you work full time on Fridays and are absolutely unable to volunteer and are unable to find someone (a friend or relative) to take your place, you may talk to the leadership team about doing some administrative work instead. The volunteer sign-up sheet will be emailed to parents before the semester begins.

Friday Class Descriptions – Scholars

Elective Period Choices:

High School Earth Science – 8th Grade and Up

Instructor: Forrest Mayer – Scientist, Educator, and Youth Speaker – email forrest.soundofscience@gmail.com with any questions

Cost: extra $100 instructor fee to be paid directly to Forrest

Readers’ Theatre – 5th Grade and Up

Cost: Included in $125 per student Friday Enrichment Day Fee

Instructor: Jessica Paul, certified and experienced elementary teacher, THA mom of two

Readers’ Theatre gives students a chance to collaborate with peers while improving reading fluency and providing an opportunity to become more comfortable speaking in front of a group. We will work together to bring a variety of scripts to life throughout the semester. Expect team building games, script practice and discussion, and tons of fun!

Pathfinder/Explorer Assistant – 8th Grade and Up

Assist in our Pre-k – 4th Grade Pathfinder and Explorer classes during this class period, and have a service experience to put on your resume!

Literature Period: For the fall 2021 semester, students will spend the literature period participating in book clubs. They will select from a list of 4-5 novels to read and on Fridays will participate in guided group discussions based upon their selections.

Club Period Choices:

D&D Club – 5th Grade – High School

Facilitators: THA High School students will lead this group, under the supervision of the leadership team.

Cost: Included in $125 per student Friday Enrichment Day Fee

This club, for both new and experienced players, is for students who want to spend this class period playing D&D.

Creativity Club – 5th Grade – High School

Facilitators: THA Leadership Team and Parent Volunteers

Cost: $25 to help cover supplies and paid artists

Creativity Club is exactly that – a club where students with a shared interest in creative pursuits gather to create alongside and encourage each other. Students can work on individual projects, or they can collaborate. They can practice their favorite form of creativity or explore new ones. Parent volunteers will be invited to share their creative pursuits with the group, and we will invite some paid artists to share their talents with the group. Creativity Club’s intent is to foster a self-paced, self-determined, and nurturing space for creativity and friendships to thrive.

Life Skills for Teens – 8th Grade and Up

Facilitators: Anne Brooks and Community Volunteers

Cost: Included in $125 per student Friday Enrichment Day fee

In this fun and engaging class, students will learn about topics that will help them grow into their independence. We will be covering Social skills, Emotional Intelligence, Soft Job Skills, Automotive and Career Planning, just to name a few. This class will feature guest instructors sharing their expertise and wisdom.

Pathfinder/Explorer Assistant – 8th Grade and Up

Assist in our Pre-k – 4th Grade Pathfinder and Explorer classes during this class period, and have a service experience to put on your resume!

Note: If you would like to join YMCA Youth and Government Club, watch for emails about that opportunity, or ask Anna-Maria. YAG meetings will not happen during our club period. When we need to meet for Youth and Government Club, we will meet after co-op or briefly during the lunch period. There will be monthly state/district Zoom meetings, a one-day district conference, and a three-day state conference. As we learn more information about this opportunity, we will pass the information along to parents and students.