Pathfinder Director: Kristin Riffe, Certified and Experienced Elementary Teacher and Homeschool Mom

Our youngest age group is our Pathfinders, our pre-k – first grade students. Pre-k students are defined as age 4 by September 1st and must be fully independent in the restroom. This includes telling an adult they need to go, going alone (an adult will walk them to the restroom and wait for them outside), wiping, and redressing.

The Pathfinder day includes science, unstructured play, art, and structured play.

The membership fee for our elementary students (pre-k – 4th grade) is $50 for the first child in a family and $25 for each additional child, and this group will pay a $100 teacher fee plus a $15 supply fee directly to our elementary director/teacher.

Our Pathfinder program is a drop-off program although each parent will be assigned a day or two to stay and assist.