Instructor: Anna-Maria Lane, Homeschool Mom of Three and OK Certified Teacher with Extensive Classroom Experience in Language Arts

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Instructor/Class Reviews

Ms. Lane’s Advanced Grammar and Writing classes over the past few years have been simply phenomenal. She knows her craft exceptionally well. Our son scored in the 99th percentile on the PSAT reading and writing section as a direct result of her teaching ability. As parents of a homeschooled child we are so grateful for this incredible resource, especially in this subject. –Parent of a high school student


Anna-Maria Lane’s classes have been wonderful for our children during their first year of homeschooling. Her advanced grammar class has helped our son increase his writing confidence while also making up for the deficiencies of his prior grammar instruction in school. Anna-Maria seems to have mastered the ability of combining a rigorous curriculum with a fun, laid-back environment. She uses an iterative process that includes working assignments, grading, correcting, and re-grading that helps the students focus on their weaker areas more effectively than if assignments were simply graded and returned. Finding the Tulsa Homeschool Academy has been a very positive experience for our family and a boon for our children’s academic success. –Parent of an upper elementary student and a middle school student


My children would like to enroll in as many classes as they can with you. They have grown so much since they started taking your classes. I am truly amazed at how well they write. When one of my children started taking classes with you, she struggled so much with reading and writing. Now she looks forward to writing and reading. She is confident and I love it!  –Parent of a middle school student and a high school student