Fall 2022 Classes Coming Soon!

Instructor: Anna-Maria Lane, Homeschool Mom of Three and OK Certified Teacher with Extensive Classroom Experience in Language Arts

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Instructor/Class Reviews

Ms. Lane’s Advanced Grammar and Writing classes over the past few years have been simply phenomenal. She knows her craft exceptionally well. Our son scored in the 99th percentile on the PSAT reading and writing section as a direct result of her teaching ability. As parents of a homeschooled child we are so grateful for this incredible resource, especially in this subject. –Parent of a high school student


Anna-Maria Lane’s classes have been wonderful for our children during their first year of homeschooling. Her advanced grammar class has helped our son increase his writing confidence while also making up for the deficiencies of his prior grammar instruction in school. Anna-Maria seems to have mastered the ability of combining a rigorous curriculum with a fun, laid-back environment. She uses an iterative process that includes working assignments, grading, correcting, and re-grading that helps the students focus on their weaker areas more effectively than if assignments were simply graded and returned. Finding the Tulsa Homeschool Academy has been a very positive experience for our family and a boon for our children’s academic success. –Parent of an upper elementary student and a middle school student


My children would like to enroll in as many classes as they can with you. They have grown so much since they started taking your classes. I am truly amazed at how well they write. When one of my children started taking classes with you, she struggled so much with reading and writing. Now she looks forward to writing and reading. She is confident and I love it!  –Parent of a middle school student and a high school student

Spring 2022 Courses

Sibling/Multi-Class Discount: Intermediate Grammar and Writing Workshop and Literary Lunch Bunch: whether sibling or same student enrolling in both classes – 20% off second class, 40% off third class, 60% off fourth class, 80% off fifth class and beyond Critical Thinking and Writing Across the Disciplines: 10% off if student or sibling is enrolled in any other class (including this class)

Payment plans may be arranged upon request.

Spring Essay Workshops for 8th – 12th Graders – Coming Soon

Literary Lunch Bunch (with writing workshop) – 5th – 7th Grades

Spring Semester Dates and Times: This class will meet on Zoom at 12:30 for 45 minutes to one hour on Mondays, January 31st – May 9th (no class on February 14th, March 14th, and April 11th). Students who cannot attend live classes may watch the class videos instead and will still benefit from the reading, the interpretive activities, and the writing, but will not receive the full benefit of the class without participating in class discussions.

Cost: $120 – Students will also need to purchase the Great Books Series 6 anthology and reader’s journal for $34.50 (total for both books, includes shipping). This is a one-time purchase that will be used all semester. We will not read all of the stories in the anthology, but your child might enjoy reading the rest of the stories over the summer.

Class Description: In this class, students will use Junior Great Books® Series 6 anthology to read, analyze, discuss, and write about short works of literature.  Among the selections are beloved classics by well-known authors, as well as contemporary writing by new voices that aren’t found in any other anthology. 

Students will need to commit to working an hour a week outside of class. One week will be spent reading and preparing for discussion and the next week will be spent writing. On writing weeks, students will also have an additional video to watch outside of class time that will lead them through the writing assignment. Most writing assignments will be completed in one week in one hour or less. For those assignments, brief feedback will be given, and students will only be asked to revise if minimum requirements are not met. There will be two more extensive writing assignments during the course of the semester, a response essay and a personal narrative, that students will take through the entire writing process. During the reading week, students will be assigned reader’s journal activities to help prepare for discussion. However, these will not be turned in or graded. Parents will be responsible for holding their children accountable for these activities. The more consistent students are with these activities, the more they will get out of the class. This work will be assigned through Google Classroom. I will also email optional extension activities to parents for each session. 

This class is appropriate for fifth through seventh grade students who are capable of reading short stories at an early middle school level and who can write a paragraph. Students do not need essay writing experience to succeed in this class although those with essay writing experience will also find this class helpful in growing their ability to think about and write about literature.

Intermediate Grammar and Writing Workshop – 7th grade and up

This is the fourth semester of a multi-year course. Current students do not need to re-enroll. New students may join if they can pass a placement test. For those without solid grammar experience, it would be best to start with the beginning class next fall.

Spring Semester Dates and Times: Mondays, January 24th – May 2nd (no class on February 14th, March 14th, and April 11th) from 10:00 – 11:15

Cost: $150 per semester. New students will need to purchase a textbook. The cost of the text will not exceed $20 (siblings may share) and will serve as a reference for students, not only for this class but also for future writing classes and projects. Information on this will be sent after enrollment.

Class Description: This is the second semester of the second year of a multi-year grammar and writing course. New students are welcome but will need to pass a placement test over the parts of speech; the parts of the sentence; and the following usage concepts: subordinate clauses, independent clauses, sentence fragments, compound sentences, complex sentences, run-on sentences, the principal parts of the verb, subject-verb agreement, and pronoun usage. Students who enroll in this class should already be able to write a very basic essay.

Students in this class will continue to learn grammar and usage rules that will help them on their journeys to becoming better writers. In addition, they will develop confidence, improve vocabulary, and engage deeply with language by reading, memorizing, and reciting poetry. The main focus for this class is grammar and usage. In the intermediate level, students will learn about frequently confused/misspelled words, subject-verb agreement, correct pronoun usage, modifier usage, and capitalization and punctuation rules. There will be consistent review of previously learned concepts, and students will continue to strengthen their analytical skills and their understanding of language by diagramming sentences. As students learn grammar and usage rules, they will solidify their understanding of these concepts through the completion of editing exercises, and even though the main focus of this class is grammar and usage, students will put the concepts they have learned into practice through some basic writing assignments. For further writing instruction, students may wish to take one of our other writing workshops (at a discounted price) in addition to this class.

Homework Expectations – Students must be able to commit to approximately 2 hours of homework per week, and students (with the help of their parents when necessary) must be able to commit to keeping up with class communication through Google Classroom. Reading feedback and revising assignments accordingly will be a big part of this class, and this will require a commitment to following through with regular communication.

Critical Thinking and Writing Across the Disciplines

This class is continued from the fall semester. Current students do not need to re-enroll. New enrollments are not being accepted.

Spring Semester Dates and Times: Mondays, January 17th – February 7th from 2:30 – 3:45

Cost: $50

ACT/SAT English Practice

This is a free class for 9th* – 12th grade students who have completed Advanced Grammar and Writing OR who are enrolled in any THA online class or Friday Enrichment Day)

Students who participated in the fall semester do not need to do anything to enroll. An invitation will be sent to new students who are eligible for enrollment in this class.

Mondays January 10th and February 14th – March, April, and May Dates T.B.A. 4:30 – 5:30

We will meet on Zoom once a month for some grammar review and ACT/SAT English practice. Days and times are subject to change. The meeting will be recorded for those who are unable to attend the live class.

*8th graders who have completed the Advanced Grammar and Writing course may also enroll in this class.