An important part of our mission at Tulsa Homeschool Academy is to get students excited about reading, writing, and creativity and to help them feel like a part of a reading and writing community. Students in our online language arts classes are sure to enjoy growing as readers and writers alongside their peers!

You do not have to be a member of our in-person co-op to enroll in our online classes. Our online courses are “pay per course,” and there are no additional membership fees or dues. Links to language arts classes are below. We are also excited to be offering an elementary art class for the fall semester!

Language Arts Classes for Pre-K – 4th Grade

Language Arts Classes for 5th Grade – High School

Elementary Art Class

Instructor: Kristin Riffe, Homeschool Mom of Three and OK Certified Teacher with Extensive Elementary Teaching Experience

12 weeks long, $85 

This class is PreK and up!  PreK-1st may need a parent next to them to help with some of the projects, but with assistance, any age should be able to be successful with these art projects.  This class will require you to have some art supplies that you may need to purchase.  Supplies will be listed below. This class is a self-guided schedule class.  A video is posted in the Easyclass classroom and you complete the projects on your own time.  You can post pictures to share with your classmates of your projects.  At the end of the semester, we will have an in-person art fair (if covid restrictions allow at that time) to showcase all of your projects. 

The 12 weeks of class titles are: Monochromatic Art, Tessellations, Watercolor Resists, Saltdough Textures, Aboriginal Art, Dragon Egg, Lilypad Life, Neurons, Rainbow Dance, Up Up and Away, Pacita Abad Felt Trees, Whimsical Windmill 

Supplies Needed: 

  • Basic supplies like crayons, colored pencils, markers, gluestick, scissors, pencil
  • White paper and white cardstock 
  • Watercolor paints and brush
  • Oil pastels 
  • Salt (large amount), flour, water 
  • Found objects (sticks, leaves, small plastic items, etc.) 
  • Qtips
  • Tempera paint (washable kid paint) 
  • a straw (one, for blowing air) 
  • Black permanent marker 
  • Washi tapes of various colors 
  • Felt and fiberfill (pillow stuffing) 
  • Ruler, metal brad, and a white paint pen 
  • Small paintbrushes 
  • a piece of cardboard bigger than the paper and masking tape
  • a place in your house to have a screen and create at the same time