8th Grade* and Up – Mondays Online – 10:00 – 11:00

Instructor: Sarah Koepp – Master of Arts in English Language & Literature

Cost $100 per semester for 12 one-hour, online classes (or $90 when bundled with Advanced Grammar and Writing Workshop) This class, when bundled with Advanced Grammar and Writing Workshop, can serve as a complete language arts curriculum.

This live, online class meets weekly on Zoom for 12 weeks. In this class, we will work on becoming critical readers and writers (and overcoming the fear of essays). We’ll analyze some great works of American literature written by women: Willa Cather, Louise Erdrich, Octavia Butler, and Sandra Cisneros, among others, will be studied. A complete book list will be available before classes begin. Students will be expected to read 5 or 6 novels throughout the semester and write two essays.

Homework Expectations: Students will read a novel or group of short stories every two weeks and will write two essays throughout the semester.

Prerequisites: To be a good fit for this class, students should be reading at a late middle school or high school level and should be ready for more in-depth literary analysis. In order to succeed in the writing portion of this class, students who enroll in this class should already be able to write a basic essay. 

*Note About Grade Level: Introduction to Literary Analysis is intended mostly for 8th graders and up. 7th graders may only enroll in Intro. to Literary Analysis with special permission as the class will read and analyze high school level literature. (Literature for 4th- 7th graders will be offered as part of our Friday Enrichment Day at Chandler Park.)