Our Spring 2022 Friday Enrichment Day will take place at St. Stephens United Methodist Church in Broken Arrow on Fridays, February 25th – May 13th, with breaks scheduled on March 11th and April 15th. Children and adults will be required to wear masks.

Our general membership fee for 5th graders – high schoolers for Friday Enrichment Day is $150 per student per semester for the first child in a family and $125 for each additional child. Our membership fee for our elementary students (pre-k – 4th grade) is $50 for the first child in a family and $25 for each additional child, and this group will pay a $100 teacher fee plus a $15 supply fee directly to our elementary director/teacher. Some of our electives for students in 5th grade and up will require an additional instructor fee, but there will always be class choices that are included in our general fee.

Students should arrive for Friday Enrichment Day between 9:45 and 10:00. Assembly will start right at 10:00.

For a detailed description of each of our programs and for elective descriptions for our 5th – 12th graders, click on the following links:

Pathfinders: Pre-K – 1st Grades

Explorers: 2nd – 4th Grades

Trailblazers: 5th – 7th Grades

Scholars: 8th Grade and Up