Please note that our Friday Enrichment Day for Spring 2021 is full. If you would like to sign up for our email list to receive information about fall enrollment, please do so at this link:

Our Friday Enrichment Day will take place in Chandler Park from 11:00 – 3:00, March 26th – May 28th. Children and adults are required to wear masks. (Brief mask breaks may be taken when seated and well-distanced.)

The general fee for our Spring 2021 Friday Enrichment Day will be $110 per student. This fee will cover all Friday classes except our $100 4th grade and up science classes with outside vendors, the $30 J.A. – Economics for Success materials fee, and literature books/magazines for Scholars and Trailblazers.

Our program for 4th graders and up is a drop-off program. Pathfinder (pre-k – 3rd grade) parents are expected to stay in the park and to assist in classes when needed. Click the links below for information about what the day looks like for each group. Then, for information on how to enroll, visit our enrollment page.

Pathfinders: Pre-K – 3rd Grades

Trailblazers: 4th – 6th Grades

Scholars: 7th Grade and Up

Friday Enrichment Day Dates

Start Date – Friday, March 26th

Tentative Last Day: Friday, May 28th*

*If any days are missed due to weather, we will not make up missed days as long as we are able to meet at least 8 out of 10 of our scheduled days. If we have not had at least 8 sessions by the end of May, we will extend our semester into June, until we have met at least 8 times. If circumstances beyond our control prevent us from meeting at least 8 times (a value of $15.63 per day), we will issue a partial refund.